Reality TV MMA Star Rescues Baby Dolphin

Reality TV MMA Star Rescues Baby Dolphin

Irish fighter Cathal Pendred owns a victory over UFC veteran Che Mills and a spot on the current season of The Ultimate Fighter reality television program. He also lays claim to a big heart.

“I just spent an hour in the sea at Doonbeg trying to save a baby dolphin,” the muscle-bound 170-pound fighter tweeted Sunday. “He was very hurt but alive and well now!” The fighter took over efforts for a man attempting to send an injured dolphin from the shore to the sea at the Irish resort town. The mixed-martial artist eventually removed the creature from the rocks into deeper water. When the dolphin appeared safe from a subsequent beaching, Pendred returned to his hotel shivering and wet.

The feel-good story, unfortunately, features a feel-bad ending. “Sad news,” Pendred informed yesterday. “The Irish Whale & Dolphin Group have said that the young dolphin washed up in Doonbeg again last night. I tried my best.”

The Team B.J. Penn fighter surely did his best on the most recent episode of The Ultimate Fighter. After decisively losing the first round, the plodding but powerful Pendred relied on wrestling, devastating knees, and serviceable standup to overwhelm his opponent in the final two frames and advance in the televised tournament.

Pendred boasts a 13-2 record in MMA. His record against Poseidon? 0-1.