Criminals 1, NYPD 0

Criminals 1, NYPD 0

“Dallas is a woman who will walk on you when you’re down…. a steel and concrete soul in a warm-hearted love disguised,” Jimmie Dale Gilmore famously sang. The NYPD baseball team learned about this harsher side of the Big D on a trip there this past weekend.  

As the NYPD’s baseball team slept at a local Marriott, thieves extracted goodies from their equipment van. Even at play, policemen can’t escape their work. The burglars not only made off with New York’s Finest’s balls, bats, uniforms, and gloves, they stole their dreams of a championship-game victory in the charity baseball tournament. After winning two games on Thursday, the visiting team were set to take on the Dallas Fire-Rescue nine on Friday before the Dallas criminals derailed the New York cops. Dallas police found most of the equipment of the New York police at an apartment complex four miles away. But the retrieval was too little, too late for the NYPD to play ball. 

“Everything you would need to field a team, to dress a team literally just ruined our chances of a championship game,” NYPD player Dennis O’Sullivan told MyFoxDFW. “When we opened the van to throw additional equipment in, it was pretty surreal to see it completely empty.”

Crime never sleeps. Cops do.