194 Pitches Later, a No Decision for High School Pitcher

194 Pitches Later, a No Decision for High School Pitcher

A high school baseball player in Rochester, Washington pitched for 14+ innings on Tuesday afternoon and didn’t even get a decision for his efforts. In the wake of major league arms requiring Tommy John surgery at a record rate, the player’s coach has come under fire for ignoring a pitch count in pursuit of a win.

“People just don’t understand,” Dylan Fosnacht said of his memorable outing. “I’m not [an] ace pitcher, I’m [an] infielder who pitches every now and then. Not a prospect ruining [his] career.” The high school senior points out that he plays on a small-town team without the luxury of a deep bullpen and that the game, which his Rochester Warriors won 1-0 on a squeeze bunt in the bottom of the 17th, determined a place in the state championship.

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price tweeted, #urcoachshouldbefired.” One message board commenter opined, “His coach should be fired and not allowed to coach again.”

In response to criticism, a bemused Fosnacht tweeted out, “people are crazy.” He joked, “apparently my arm is ruined forever lol.” Fosnacht points out that he won’t be playing baseball when he advances to college after he graduates this spring. He explained, “just trying to get a much needed win for my team and wouldn’t want no other coach then the one I have.”

Ignored amid the brouhaha, the opposing pitcher Trever Roberson threw around 130 pitches over twelve innings of shutout ball.