Vegas Loving Cleveland

Vegas Loving Cleveland

Cleveland loves the return of LeBron; Las Vegas, even more so.

In the course of a few hours, the Cleveland Cavaliers changed from a team that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs since 2011 into the franchise favored over all others to win it all. Vegas still prefers the field to the Cavaliers. But oddsmakers peg the Cavs a better shot to win the NBA Finals–or at least believe that’s the way the betting public will see it–than the defending champs. Here’s the way sees the top contenders….

Cleveland Cavaliers 9-2

San Antonio Spurs 5-1

Oklahoma City Thunder 6-1

Chicago Bulls 15-2

Los Angeles Clippers 12-1

The bookies are slightly less bullish on the Philadelphia 76ers. They come in at 650-1 to win it all. Losing 26 games in a row, and drafting two first-round picks who may not even suit up in 2014-2015, will make a team unpopular with the oddsmakers.