105-Year-Old Woman to Toss First Pitch at Padres Game

105-Year-Old Woman to Toss First Pitch at Padres Game

She was born sixty years before the birth of the Padres, when less than 40,000 people lived in San Diego and William Howard Taft occupied the Oval Office.

On Sunday, 105-year-old Agnes McKee throws out the first pitch at Petco Park. The Indiana transplant becomes the oldest person ever to toss the ceremonial first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

“When this happened I tried to learn some of the names of the ball players in case somebody asks me that,” McKee told Fox 5 San Diego. “My husband played baseball and we went to many games when we lived in Cleveland.”

McKee experienced the birth of commercial radio, television, and the internet. She lived through two World Wars, an Influenza epidemic, and disasters from the sinking of the Titanic through the collapse of the Twin Towers. She credits her longevity to living without worry today for events that may or may not happen tomorrow.

She’s honored but honest. McKee confesses: “I haven’t been very into the Padres because they don’t ever win any games.”