Dick Monfort's Rocky Road as Baseball Owner Gets Bumpier

Dick Monfort's Rocky Road as Baseball Owner Gets Bumpier

What do you do for an encore after threatening to move your franchise and telling a fan not to come to games if he doesn’t like losing? For Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort, you blame the team’s troubles on the assistant general manager.

Why not the clubhouse attendant or the girl at the concession stand?

When asked who is responsible for the Rockies woes, the owner strangely volunteered the name of the team’s assistant GM. “You would have to say it’s Bill Geivett,” Monfort told Denver station KOA. “He’s responsible for the major-league team. Now, the talent that gets into the Major League team is the responsibility of scouting and development.”

Earlier this month, Monfort raised eyebrows by personally responding to fan feedback. “If product and experience that bad don’t come!” he emailed one. To another digital missive that criticized his stewardship of the franchise, Monfort retorted: “By the way you talk maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a franchise, maybe time for it to find a new home. Thanks.”

At 40-55, the Rockies play as the fourth worst team in Major League Baseball according wins and losses.