Celtics Roll Out Lucky Alternative Logo

Celtics Roll Out Lucky Alternative Logo

The Boston Celtics unveiled a brand new alternative logo. It’s a lot like their very old main logo.

Lucky the Leprechaun, the Irishman spinning a basketball with one hand and bearing a shillelagh with the other, moves from all his colorful cartoon glory to silhouette form in the alternate logo. It won’t appear on gear worn by actual players. But fans interested in wearing duds with the alteration of the team’s center-court icon on it can buy it on various articles of clothing peddled by the 68-year-old franchise.

Though Red Auerbach may have led the team to most of its NBA-leading 17 championships, Zang Auerbach designed the team’s good luck charm that has been a part of their image during each of those title runs. The Washington Star cartoonist also helped craft the image of another sports franchise. The original incarnation of the Washington Senators–the one that moved to Minnesota and not the one that moved to Texas–went by “Senators” or “Nationals” on baseball cards, in the newspapers, and in the cheers and jeers of fans. The team asked Zang Auerbach to draw a caricature the club could use to market the team. “Nationals” didn’t lend itself to animated imagination. “Senators” did. Shortly thereafter, fans, announcers, everyone took their cue and called Washington’s baseball team “Senators.”

The Senators, like the talented Auerbach brothers, are gone. Lucky the Leprechaun remains–in color or silhouette.