Party's Over: Manziel Opens Camp as Question, Not Answer

Party's Over: Manziel Opens Camp as Question, Not Answer

He can be Johnny Football. He can be the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. He can’t be both.

That’s the message from Mary Kay Cabot’s lengthy report at Head coach Mike Pettine initially looked to have an open competition for the top of the depth chart at quarterback. But as training camp opens, it’s veteran Brian Hoyer who will enjoy most snaps under center. The rookie’s jet-setting lifestyle–partying here with Justin Bieber, there with a dozen bikini-clad beauties–has reportedly dropped his stock among Cleveland coaches. 

The first full-fledged day of training camp takes place today. Pettine says he hopes to name a starter by the third preseason game.

Cabot reports that some on Cleveland’s staff are “alarmed” with the behavior of Manziel between the draft and training camp. Some believe the Heisman Trophy-winner pledged a certain seriousness prior to the draft but delivered more party-boy antics once married to a team.

On the eve of camp, Manziel acknowledges he made some “rookie mistakes” in recent months. At the same time, he contends: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me going out and having a nightlife and a social life.”

“I know as committed he is to football, once the season starts, it should not be an issue,” Pettine holds. “People who know him have said it will stop.”

If it doesn’t stop, Manziel won’t start.