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Giants Fans Pay Royal Riches, Royals Fans Shelling Out Giant Cash for World Series Tix

Giants Fans Pay Royal Riches, Royals Fans Shelling Out Giant Cash for World Series Tix

In Kansas City, the average house can be had for about $186,000. It costs $963,000 to buy the median house for sale in San Francisco.

Despite the differences in income between the fan bases for the Royals and Giants, Fall Classic tickets for Kauffman Stadium fetch larger amounts than tickets to AT&T Park.

The average price for a ticket to World Series games scheduled for Kansas City stands at about $1,200. The price goes up for the “if necessary” games. For Game One, for instance, prices at TiqIQ range from $475 to $5,914 with the average ticket costing well below $1,000. Game 7 tickets run more than $1,500 per on TiqIQ. Kansas City hosting the what definitively hosting the deciding game should it occur helps the price on the middleman market.

In San Francisco, which hosts Games 3, 4, and 5, fans shell out an average of $1,140 to the guys in track suits who have moved their “Buying? Selling?” business from the street corner to the laptop. Four years ago at this point, Giants fans offered about $1,700 per ticket on the open market.

Asking price at eBay for AT&T Park Game 3 seats range from $999 to $8,999. Asking price at eBay for Game 1 seats in Kansas City similarly range from $960 to $8,999. What a seller asks, however, may not correspond to what a buyer gives.

At this time last year, Fenway Park-hosted games grabbed $1,700 on the scalper market while Busch Stadium seats commanded about $950. Markets, like minds, change, so this year’s prices could rise or fall depending upon the competitiveness of the series.

So how does that humble Middle American city immortalized by Leiber and Stoller shell out more cash than Dotcomville? San Franciscans have watched their team win the World Series in 2010 and 2012. Royals fans have waited 29 years for a return to late-October baseball. As the scalpers know, it’s all about supply and demand.


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