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Charles Barkley: NFL Domestic Violence Policy a Joke

Charles Barkley: NFL Domestic Violence Policy a Joke

Charles Barkley didn’t mince words in criticizing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith. 

Sir Charles bluntly declared, “They dropped the ball on this domestic violence thing.”

The NBA Hall-of-Famer expressed that he didn’t understand why the NFL was having such difficulty coming up with a strong stance on the issue. “They should have gotten in a room and in five minutes handled this domestic violence thing. It is a joke what these two guys have not been able to accomplish,” Barkley asserted.

Sports Illustrated reported that Barkley said in an interview promoting the new season of Turner’s Inside The NBA that he is disappointed with the NFL and also feels that the NBA needs to put its foot down as well. “What they should have done is very simple: The first time you hit a woman, you get suspended. You let the legal process play out but you are suspended. The second time you hit a woman you are banned for life,” he said.

Moreover, according to the Round Mound of Rebound, the NFL’s decision to bring more women into the NFL as senior advisors is totally unnecessary. “You don’t have to bring in women. A man should know you don’t hit a woman,” he said.

Barkley stipulates that with the first infraction of battering a woman the player should be suspended for a certain amount of games. But the second time you put your hands on a woman, he says “your ass is never playing in the NFL again. And in the NBA, too.

“It’s a joke, to be honest with you. They should have handled this sh–. We should not be sitting here three months later saying, ‘Wow, what is the NFL going to do?’ I can’t believe these guys are screwing this thing up like this.”

USA Today reported that Barkley thinks that the NBA commissioner should establish penalties for domestic violence immediately. “I think Adam Silver should also come out right now and say once you are convicted of hitting a woman, you will get say 10 games suspended… The second time you do that, your ass ain’t never playing in the NBA again.”


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