Red Sox and SI’s Peter King Apologize for Tweets Not Acknowledging Ferguson

Red Sox and SI’s Peter King Apologize for Tweets Not Acknowledging Ferguson

The Boston Red Sox, on a free-agent-signing high after landing Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval and Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez, expressed their joy in a boastful tweet, asking the world, “So how was everyone’s Monday?”

The team removed the tweet from their social media page. The Red Sox decided that the tweet might be construed as insensitive for ignoring that Monday was a rather bad day for the nation, considering that Ferguson, Missouri was burning. 

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated writer Peter King tweeted from his game seat during the 38-3 Buffalo Bills thumping of the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, that the “Biggest indictment of all: The Jets special teams are worse than their offense.”

Realizing that some may not find the tweet appropriate in the face of the much larger indictment being considered Monday night in Ferguson, King insisted that the comment was related to football and not the fatal shooting incident.

The controversies aren’t the first involving social media and Ferguson. Back in August a few days after the Ferguson fatal shooting incident, sports blogger and editor in chief of ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight Nate Silver tweeted that he was jailed by police for refusing to leave a scene where police had pulled someone over. He tweeted jokes about having to eat his burrito in jail and made veiled references to the Ferguson episode. Silver later apologized for his callousness tweeting, “My story was so trivial as compared to the really awful, unacceptable shit that’s going down in Ferguson. I screwed up.”