Left Slams Troy Aikman for Backing Dallas Police

Former NFL player Troy Aikman arrives at the 5th annual NFL Honors at the Bill Graham Civi
Jordan Strauss/Invision for NFL/AP Images

Black Lives Matter supporters on Twitter, cheered on enthusiastically by the Huffington Post, have gang-tackled former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman for tweeting “Back the Blue” in response to Thursday’s police murders in Dallas.

The Huffington Post’s Juliet Spies-Gans helpfully “leftsplains”:

To be clear, it’s not that these users unequivocally take issue with any show of support for police officers. Rather, what they saw as problematic here was (1) Aikman’s radio silence on the deaths of the two black men days earlier, and, relatedly, (2) his categorical, unqualified support for the police during a week in which we got two cruel reminders that racial prejudice still runs rampant throughout the force, consciously or otherwise influencing the choices some cops make while on the clock.

Except, of course, they did take issue with Aikman’s unequivocal support for police.

Support for police, which has nothing to do with race — the police chief in Dallas happens to be black — is also support for the communities they protect.

Aikman works as a sports commentator, and donates generously to charitable causes that benefit people of every conceivable background.

He has nothing to be ashamed of, nor is it reasonable to expect him to have an opinion on every political issue, or to demand that the price for expressing a basic civic-minded sentiment must be declarations of fealty to a left-wing political cause.

Aikman followed up with an explanatory tweet, defending his original statement:

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