Golf’s Richest Man Tiger Woods Climbs Leaderboard of America’s Most Wealthy Celebrities

Former world number one Tiger Woods, a 14-time major winner, has slid to 898th in the rankings

Tiger Woods came up empty in PGA Tour wins in 2016, but according to the list of Forbes Wealthiest Americans his wallet didn’t.

The 14-time Major champion enjoys the No. 7 spot on the prestigious list with a whopping $740 million to surpass all other athletes with the exception of one rather popular basketball icon Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls Hall of Famer stands at No. 4 with a stunning $1.2 billion net worth. Tiger’s long-time rival Phil Mickelson, the only other professional athlete on the list, captured 18th place with an estimated wealth of $375 million.

Woods, who turns 41 on Friday also happens to be the youngest on the list, and pocketed a tidy $46 million in earnings in 2016. Not bad for a golfer who didn’t make it to the first tee during the last PGA Tour season, but well below the typical $100 million per annum he earned while dominating the sport during his heyday.

Who topped the list of richest celebrities in 2016? None other than the guy who directed this Christmas weekend’s box office smash “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” George Lucas. The film impresario boasts a hefty 4.6 billion in net worth.

Fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg takes runner-up with a cool $3.7 billion and multimedia magnate Oprah Winfrey comes in with an ample $2.8 billion in net worth.

You can see the entire list here.