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Israel Demands PA Bar Hamas from Gaza Border Crossings

Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai on Wednesday instructed the country’s Coordination and Liaison Authority to set up meetings with the Palestinian Authority (PA) on the issue of Gaza Strip border crossings with the Jewish state.

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The Guardian Fires Back After Breitbart Critiques Its Fake News on Border

The Guardian scrambled to rebut Breitbart Texas’ analysis of its fake news article about border crossing numbers and deportations. The left-leaning paper adopts a dubious combination of semantic games; statistical sleight of hand; and cherry-picking data to draw generalized conclusions–all while misleading its own readers of its ability to defend original reporting on the border.

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France May Be Unable to Close Down Borders at this Point

Shortly after the tragic terror attacks that occurred in Paris the evening of November 13, French President Francois Hollande ordered the closing of his country’s borders to prevent anyone involved in the attacks from leaving France. However, carrying out such an order by bringing all cross-border traffic to a halt—even in a country as relatively small as France—is easier said than done.

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