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Bryan Cranston: ‘Narcissist’ Trump Lacks Obama’s Presidential Qualities

Actor Bryan Cranston will vote for Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential race because he agrees with the presumptive Democrat nominee’s “platform” — and thinks her chief rival, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, lacks the presidential qualities that have made President Obama so successful.


Breaking Sad! Bryan Cranston Will ‘Absolutely’ Stump For Hillary

Actor Bryan Cranston unloaded on Donald Trump in an interview with Larry King this week, comparing the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to a “massive” cargo ship without cargo and promising to campaign for his chief rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

mobile meth lab

Mobile Meth Lab Busted in East Texas

An East Texas man has been allegedly using his personal vehicle as a mobile meth lab before authorities caught up with him on a “routine” traffic stop. The man fled but was later arrested following an investigation.