Norwegian Muslims to Form a ‘Peace Ring’ of Protection Around Oslo Synagogue

A group of young Muslims in Norway wants to answer the Copenhagen attack, in which jihadi Omar El-Hussein opened fire on a free-speech conference and a synagogue, by demonstrating against violence at a synagogue in Oslo. The organizers describe the event, planned for this weekend after the Shabat celebration at the Bergstien Street synagogue, as a human “peace ring” of protection.

AP Photo/Michael Probst

Cartoonist Lars Vilks After Copenhagen: ‘I’m Not Going to Let This Attack Scare Me’

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, host of the free-speech conference in Copenhagen that came under attack this weekend – and quite possibly the primary target of the attackers, as he spent the last eight years living under an Islamist death sentence for drawing a cartoon of Mohammed – gave an interview to France24 after the attack, in which he declared he was not intimidated by the violence.

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Jihad Escalates in Copenhagen

Not one day after we announced the First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest, an event featuring Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks in Copenhagen, Denmark was attacked in the continuing war on our most basic freedoms. And that was just the first of two assaults on freedom in Copenhagen on Saturday.

AFP Photo / Odd Andersen

Danish PM: First Copenhagen Shooting ‘Terrorist Attack’

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said that the shooting at a free speech event in Copenhagen was a “politically motivated” “terrorist attack” on Saturday. At the site of the first shooting, Thorning-Schmidt stated “Denmark has been hit by a very


Copenhagen: We Need to Wage Ideological War

The pair of deadly shootings on Saturday in Copenhagen–one at a free-speech debate, one near a synagogue–reprise last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris by targeting journalists and Jews once more. If, as suspected, the shootings are the work of Islamic terrorists, it is clear that the West faces an enemy determined not only to kill, but to destroy our core values. That, in turn, means that the West must wage ideological war against radical Islam. “Pinpoint” air strikes are not enough.