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Wealthy Gulf Nations Face Questions Over Syria Refugees

As hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees languish in camps or risk their lives to reach Europe, questions are being asked about why wealthy Gulf states have accepted so few. By the end of August, more than four million Syrians

bahrain king

Bahrain King Snubs Obama to Meet Queen of England, Attend UK Horse Show

Instead of participating in a Camp David summit of Gulf leaders – which was organized by U.S. President Barack Obama to garner support from Gulf Arab leaders – the King of Bahrain decided to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show, where he met on Friday with Queen Elizabeth II and other British royalty.

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Obama Vows To Keep Arab Allies Secure Amid Iran Deal Fears

WASHINGTON (AP) — Charging toward an Iran nuclear agreement, President Barack Obama is assuring Arab allies that they are safe from the threat of an empowered Tehran as he seeks to shore up some of America’s most critical security partnerships.