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WH Climate Adviser McCarthy: Don’t Think SCOTUS Ruling Will Make Climate Problem Worse

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy said she doesn’t think the Supreme Court’s ruling on the EPA’s statutory authority to regulate emissions from power plants will make the climate issue worse because it merely “took away one small authority we had, and it sent some signals about what the Supreme Court might do in the future.”

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WH Climate Adviser McCarthy: We’ll ‘Transition to Clean Energy, Regardless’ of SCOTUS — ‘Move Forward’ Even If They Want to ‘Hold Us Back’

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy said that the Supreme Court didn’t bar the EPA from pursuing President Biden’s climate goals and vowed, “we will see the transition to clean energy, regardless of the Supreme Court.” And that “We’re going to keep moving forward, even though the Supreme Court would like to look backwards and hold us back.”

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WH Climate Adviser McCarthy on Why EPA Can’t Get Statutory Authority from Congress: SCOTUS Said It Wants to Go ‘Backwards’

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy responded to a question on why the EPA can’t just go to Congress and get them to pass a law granting them the statutory authority the Supreme Court ruled that it currently lacks by stating that the decision is “limited” but “sent a signal that the Supreme Court is interested, continually, in going backwards instead of forwards.”

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W.H.’s McCarthy on Regulation Increasing Oil and Gas Prices: ‘We’re Going to Use’ Regulation

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports,” White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy responded to concerns that increased regulations will cause increased gas and oil prices by stating “There’s a place for” regulation and “We’re going to use it.” McCarthy also touted hearings with oil executives on Capitol Hill as “a day of reckoning” for the oil and gas industry.

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Climate Alarmists Call Ted Cruz ‘Ignorant’ While Celebrating Lunatic Liberal Politicians

Climate alarmists are particularly fond of the report-card strategy because it fits into their egotistical delusions about SCIENCE! as a religion, of which they are the high priests. Treating dissent as heresy is a tremendous emotional rush, which is why heresy remains a popular charge among extremists after thousands of years. The terms of enlightened discourse require a certain degree of polite consideration for dissenters, but you can let your hair down and go nuts against heretics, who must be destroyed for the good of the faithful.