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Google Maps to Begin Suggesting ‘Eco-Friendly’ Routes

Google’s Maps app will soon begin directing drivers along routes calculated to generate the lowest amount of carbon emissions based on traffic, road grade, and other factors. Unless users opt-out of the program, the Masters of the Universe will suggest the most “eco-friendly” route instead of the fastest.

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A Search Engine May Be the Difference Between a Baby Living or Dying

A search engine may be the difference between a baby living or dying, as pro-abortion advocates urge Google to crack down on pro-life clinics that pop as an option when searching for abortion facilities using Google Maps. Google has promised to “fix” the search results flagged by VICE and the abortion advocates.

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Which Republican Americans Are Most Curious About

(From The Ferenstein Wire) — The Republican field for president is massive, and conservative contenders are scrambling to stand out from the crowd. Polls tend to swing wildly from month-to-month, as new candidates enter the race or happen to get into a headline-making story.

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