Theresa May Braces For Second Brexit Defeat in the Lords

LONDON (AFP) – British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing a second defeat on her Brexit bill Tuesday as the House of Lords votes on another change which would give parliament the final say on leaving the EU.


UK Can be ‘Self-sufficient’ In Workers After Brexit, Lords Told

The Lords have been told that there is no need to guarantee employers permanent access to a large pool of low-skilled foreign labour after Brexit, as investment and higher wages can make the country “self-sufficient” in workers. “We have 1.5 million


Lords Warned: Derailing Brexit Would Provoke Largest Crisis in a Century

Attempts to overturn Brexit would pitch the country into the largest constitutional crisis it has faced in over a century, Brexit-supporting peers have warned their colleagues. Addressing the House of Lords yesterday, former Foreign Secretary Lord Hague made an impassioned

Voting Age To 16

Theresa May Warns Lords Not to Delay Brexit Bill

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s House of Lords launched a bid Monday to gain a greater say for Parliament over the terms of the U.K.’s European Union exit, as Prime Minister Theresa May warned lawmakers not to hold up “what the British people want” by trying to delay the process.


Brexit Bill Set for Rough Ride Through House of Lords

Britain’s House of Lords is to begin debating a bill empowering Prime Minister Theresa May to kickstart Brexit — a potentially tricky test given her Conservatives do not hold a majority there.


Lord Speaker Slaps Down Bercow over Trump Ban

The Speaker of the House of Lords has slapped down his counterpart in the House of Commons over his decision to effectively ban U.S. President Donald J. Trump from addressing Parliament.


House of Lords Could Delay Brexit For Another Year

Unelected peers in the House of Lords could delay the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union (EU) for up to a year by rejecting the bill which authorises the government to activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the legal mechanism for beginning the Brexit process.

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UK Parliament Debates Banning Late-Term Abortions for Disability

Britain’s parliament has moved a step closer to outlawing late-term abortions for disabled children following concerns the practice is discriminatory. Abortion is currently legal in Britain up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, although the 1967 Abortion Act allows disabled children

access to abortions

Peers Back Lowering EU Referendum Voting Age To 16

(Reuters) – Parliament’s upper house backed on Wednesday lowering the voting age to 16 in a planned referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union, a move that could delay the timing of the crucial vote. Britons can usually

Voting Age To 16

Tory MP: Remove Bishops From House Of Lords, Replace Them With Syrian Refugees

A Conservative MP has suggested that Anglican bishops should be removed from the House of Lords and replaced with Syrian refugees. Henry Smith, MP for Crawley, made the comments after 84 Church of England bishops signed a letter calling

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HITCHENS: European Christianity Destined to Become a Minority

Against the backdrop of the frankly insane immigration figures this week, the Mail on Sunday columnist and author Peter Hitchens has repeated his long-standing warning this week that Britain may well become a Muslim country within generations, and stated that