Alarm Grows that Cuba Could Abuse Interpol After Handing Biden Admin List of ‘Terrorist’ U.S.-Based Anti-Communists

A prominent Canadian human rights organization, Democratic Spaces, condemned the communist government of Cuba recently for its “distorted use of Interpol’s Red Notice system,” warning the Castro regime appears poised to attempt to curb the right to free movement of a list of “terrorists” that includes prominent human rights activists, journalists, and Youtubers.

The Associated Press

Russia Detains Cybersecurity Tycoon on Treason Charges

Russian police suddenly arrested 35-year-old cybersecurity tycoon Ilya Sachkov on Wednesday, placing him in detention for at least two months on nebulous charges of treason. The offices of Sachkov’s Group-IB corporation in Moscow and St. Petersburg were also raided, with no indication of what police were searching for.

A picture taken on February 6, 2019 shows Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Group-I

Interpol Snubs Russia, Elects South Korean Kim Jong-Yang President

International law enforcement organization Interpol elected a new president on Wednesday, and the results were a welcome surprise: South Korea’s Kim Jong-yang defeated the heavily-favored Russian candidate, Maj. Gen. Alexander Prokopchuk, by a vote of 101 to 61 at the Interpol General Assembly in Dubai.

Interpol picks South Korean as president as Russia loses out