UN Prepares for Conference to Normalize Mass Migration

United Nations (UN) agencies are preparing for a conference in Mexico next week to move forward with negotiations that could undermine American immigration enforcement and stamp out resistance to mass migration.

TOPSHOT - Migrants and refugees wait to be rescued from their sinking rubber boat some eight nautical miles off Libya's Mediterranean coastline on October 12, 2016. A growing number of people are attempting the treacherous sea journey from Libya or Egypt, after the closure of the Balkan migrant trail route …

Shipwrecks Kill 240 Migrants off Libyan Coast

At least 239 migrants have drowned in two shipwrecks off the coast of Libya on Thursday, while during the same day rescuers saved more than 760 survivors in a series of operations.


Italy: Record 10,000 Migrants Rescued in Two Days

Between Monday and Tuesday, a record number of over ten thousand mostly African migrants were rescued in the Strait of Sicily and brought to Italy, bringing the year’s total to over 142,000.


‘Hundreds Still Missing’ in Massive Migrant Shipwreck off Crete

In one of this year’s worst Mediterranean Sea disasters, more than 700 migrants were aboard a vessel that capsized off the coast of the Greek Island of Crete late Thursday, and despite rescue operations that managed to save 340 lives, hundreds are still missing.

Migrant deaths

Migrant Shipwreck Off Libya Leaves 7 Dead, 500 Rescued

In the latest tragedy in the Strait of Sicily an overloaded barge carrying more than 500 migrants capsized off the Libyan coast Wednesday, resulting in the drowning of at least seven of the passengers.