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Second Known Coronavirus Case Confirmed in Mexican States Bordering Texas

Health officials in the Mexican border state of Nuevo Leon confirmed a case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This marks the second case of COVID-19 reported in a Mexican state bordering Texas. The confirmation comes on the same day that the World Health Organization officially reclassified the global coronavirus crisis outbreak as a pandemic.

Mexico confirms first 2 cases of coronavirus

Mexico to Deploy 6500 National Guard, Will Deport 2500 Migrants Daily

Mexican officials announced plans this week to deploy approximately 6,500 of its national guard troops at 12 checkpoints near the country’s southern border. The move comes in response to nearly 400,000 Central American and other migrants who entered the nation in the last three months on journeys to the U.S. Mexico City also discussed plans to deport approximately 2,500 migrants per day.

Members of the National Guard stand as an immigration officer check's passengers' documents at a checkpoint on June 18, 2019 on a highway in Tuxtla Chico, Mexico. The Mexican government launched a deployment of the National Guard seeking to control the flux of migrants crossing from Guatemala to Mexico, as …

Mexico Claims Some Migrant Caravan Funding Came from U.S., England

Mexican tax officials froze the assets of 26 individuals and entities they allege are tied to human smuggling organizations or to promoting Central American migrant caravans. The caravans moved thousands of individuals from the “northern triangle” through Mexico to the U.S. border. The funding for the migrant caravans allegedly came from the U.S., England, Africa, and Central America.

Members of a US-bound migrant caravan stand on a road after federal police briefly blocked their way outside the town of Arriaga, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018. GOP

Mexico Launches $50M Effort to Help Illegal Aliens in U.S.

As the Trump Administration continues its efforts to round up criminal aliens, the Mexican government is beginning a nationwide campaign in the U.S. to help “protect” migrants. The campaign will be waged in all 50 Mexican consulates across the U.S.

Mexican consulate in Houston

Mexico Seizes Fraction of El Chapo’s Assets, Backs Off From Taking More

Mexican authorities recently announced they have confiscated 11 planes, eight vehicles and six houses belonging to notorious kingpin and Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán in the past five months. However, concern is growing in Mexico over why the government can’t—or won’t—seize even more of the drug lord’s considerable assets.

AP Photo

Mexico to Trump: Pay for Your Own Wall

The Mexican government is in essence saying, “Pay for your own wall,” referring to 2016 Presidential Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump’s demand that Mexico pay for the wall he intends to build when he is elected president.

Donald Trump

Cartel Violence Hits Mexico City

As the Mexican government continues to downplay cartel violence, a group of cartel gunmen stormed a federal police station in Mexico City in an effort to rescue the brother of a jailed capo. In that same day Mexican authorities found 11 bags filled with human remains in a nearby train station.

Carlos Esquivel Orozco - ElUniversalTV Screenshot

Video of Mexican Governor Slapping Aide Goes Viral

The Governor of the Mexican State of Chiapas has drawn much criticism in Mexico after a video of him slapping an aide went viral. The newly surfaced video is from an event promoting Governor Manuel Velasco’s Second State of the State Address held last month.

Manuel Velasco

Mexican President’s 2015 Video Promoting Goodwill Backfires

MCALLEN, Texas — A video released by the Mexican government in an effort to inspire goodwill for 2015 had the opposite effect drawing much criticism for making light of the many tragedies that the nation faced — including the kidnapping and murder by police and cartel hitmen of 43 education students.

Mexican Flag