New South Wales

Anti-Israel Groups Prepare Sequel to Australia’s ‘Gas the Jews’ Rally

New South Wales (NSW) Labor Party premier Chris Minns on Wednesday apologized to the Jewish community for the vicious “Gas the Jews” pro-Hamas rally at the famed Sydney Opera House on Monday night, acknowledging the heinous display made Jews feel unsafe and prevented them from commemorating the victims of the Hamas atrocity.

Palestine supporters rally outside the Sydney Opera House on October 09, 2023 in Sydney, A

Russell Crowe Slammed for Shooting Movie in Locked Down Australia: ‘People Can’t See Family … But ‘A-Listers’ Producing Movies Is Essential?’

Hollywood star Russell Crowe is shooting his latest movie around Sydney, Australia, despite coronavirus lockdowns that are forcing millions of Australians to stay at home. The film shoot has prompted a harsh rebuke from Australian politician Gareth Ward, who called it a “total mockery” of public health orders.

New Zealand actor Russell Crowe attends the Showtime limited series premiere of "The

Teen Charged in Australia With Terrorism Offences

Australian authorities have charged a teenager with collecting documents that could facilitate terrorist acts, officials said Tuesday. The 18-year-old from the western Sydney suburb of Guildford was arrested late Monday and charged with “three counts of collecting documents likely to


Australian Anti-Marijuana Campaign Provokes Giggles

An anti-marijuana campaign in Australia featuring a human-sized lumbering stoned sloth acting foolishly has backfired and become the brunt of jokes on social media. Launched this week using the slogan “You’re worse on weed”, it attempts to warn teenagers of


Aussie Police Rush To Scene Of Killing, Find Dead Spider

Piercing screaming and shouts of “I’m going to kill you” prompted Australian police to rush to a Sydney home at 2am, only to find an embarrassed man and a large spider. New South Wales’s police said officers raced to the

Deadly Australian funnel web spider