Another Way Electric Vehicles Can Kill You: Crushing Your Lighter Car in an Accident

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on our roads continues to rise, experts are voicing concerns about the potential risks associated with their increased weight. EV’s battery packs make the cars much heavier than traditional gas-powered vehicles. One expert commented, “If you think about an impact in a crash with a lighter vehicle with a pedestrian or a cyclist or motorcyclists, it’s going to have a much different outcome than we’ve seen in the past. Terribly tragic.”

California Tesla Crash

Bummer for TikTok’s ‘Kia Boyz:’ Hyundai, Kia Agree to $200 Million Settlement over Easy to Steal Cars

Hyundai and Kia have agreed to a $200 million settlement to a class-action lawsuit involving a slew of car thefts due to the company’s easy to steal vehicle. Theft rings of “Kia Boyz” inspired by a viral social media challenge on the China-owned app TikTok have proven cars from both carmakers far easier to steal that other models due to a lack of electronic immobilizers, a common feature on most modern vehicles.

The Kia logo glimmers on the grille of a 2006 Sportage sports utility vehicle on the back

Tesla Driver Dies After Crashing into California Fire Truck

A Tesla car crashed into a fire truck blocking traffic as a car was towed on Interstate 680 in Contra Costa County, California, on Saturday. The driver of the Tesla was killed in the crash and a passenger was taken to the hospital. Although it isn’t yet known if the Tesla had Elon Musk’s “Autopilot” engaged, there have been multiple accidents involving a Tesla with Autopilot engaged hitting fire trucks and other safety vehicles that are stopped on the road.

California Tesla Crash

Elon’s Autopilot Left Rudderless: Tesla Loses Top AI Executive

Elon Musk’s Tesla has lost its top artificial intelligence expert. Director of AI and leader of the Autopilot vision team Andrej Karpathy is leaving the embattled company after five years at the same time the NHTSA is ramping up its investigation of more than 200 accidents involving Tesla Autopilot.

Elon Musk watches SpaceX launch

NHTSA Probe of Tesla Autopilot Intensifies with 200 Crashes, 830,000 Cars Under Investigation

A federal probe of Tesla’s Autopilot function has escalated, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) now investigating if the Autopilot feature is potentially defective. The agency is studying data on 200 Tesla crashes, stating that “On average in these crashes, Autopilot aborted vehicle control less than one second prior to the first impact.”

Elon Musk watches SpaceX launch

Feds Probe Another Deadly Tesla Autopilot Crash

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a probe into yet another fatal car crash involving Tesla’s Autopilot “full self-driving” system. The latest Tesla crash under federal investigation resulted in three fatalities.

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