Amazon’s Next Target for Retail Conquest: the Burbs

Tech giant Amazon is reportedly bringing its cashierless convenience stores to the suburbs. Areas outside of major American cities can soon expect to see “Amazon Go” stores pop up as Amazon continues its assault on the bricks and mortar retail industry.o

Amazon Go store

Watch Out Retail: Amazon Is Opening Department Stores

Tech and e-commerce giant Amazon reportedly plans to open multiple large physical stores across the United States that will operate similarly to department stores. Amazon is already the largest seller of clothing in the United States.

Jeff Bezos holds goggles to his face (Joe Raedle /Getty)

Walmart to Give 740,000 Employees a Free Samsung Smartphone

Retail giant Walmart is set to give 740,000 employees free Samsung smartphones by the end of the year so they can use a new app to manage schedules and perform a wide variety of other tasks in the store. Employees will be free to use the phone for their personal business as well.


Apple Closes Many Retail Stores Back Down

Tech giant Apple has reclosed 11 of its stores in Southern California, Maryland, Ohio, and Tennessee due to local increases in Wuhan coronavirus infections. This makes a total of 91 American stores that have been closed back down after opening.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, in China

Microsoft Permanently Closing All Retail Stores

Microsoft announced on Friday that it will permanently close all of its retail locations. The company behind the ubiquitous Windows operating system announced this week that their 83 retail locations would close as part of a larger effort to shift focus to online sales.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, speaks at a media event in San Francisco, California on M

Major Retailers Send Governors Blueprint for Reopening Businesses

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the National Retail Federation (NRF), trade associations representing major players in the retail industry like Walmart Inc. and Target Corp., crafted a blueprint outlining a uniform, three-phased approach to reopen stores across the country, which they plan to send to governors on Monday.

store open sign