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Russian Jet Crash Draws Attention to Online Bomb-Makers

One of the reasons American and British intelligence agencies suspect an ISIS-linked terrorist attack brought down the Russian Metrojet passenger plane over Egypt is the volume of online chatter between ISIS militants, who appear genuinely convinced their operatives bombed the plane. The Internet has proven useful for spreading both claims of such foul deeds and the knowledge needed to perpetrate them.

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Jihadis Force Egypt to Extend State of Emergency in Sinai

The administration of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has announced a three-month extension to a state of emergency it imposed on parts of the northern Sinai Peninsula as the country’s military launches counterterrorism operations against jihadists in the region.

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World View: Turkey Slips into Chaos as Violence Spreads Across Country

Contents: Egypt’s army starts ‘The Martyr’s Right’ operation in North Sinai; Turkey’s troops enter northern Iraq to hunt PKK after terror attacks; Violence spreads in cities across Turkey; Pro-government mobs in Turkey storm Hurriyet offices for alleged Erdogan misquote; Turkey appears to be approaching civil war.

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Report: Egypt Stops Hamas Commandos from Linking Up with Iran

A bus full of Hamas operatives traveling through the Sinai Peninsula was stopped abruptly on Thursday, and initial reports stated that four members of Hamas—a Palestinian rival terrorist organization headquartered in Gaza—had been abducted by terrorists loyal to the Islamic State.

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Egyptian President Signs Tough New Anti-Terrorism Law

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi signed a tough new anti-terrorism law on Sunday, a package including special courts for terrorist offenses, stern penalties for those convicted, protections for military and police officers accused of using excessive force to suppress insurgencies, and even financial penalties for journalists who contradict official government accounts of terrorist attacks.

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Egyptian President Sisi Boosts Troop Morale in Visit to North Sinai

CAIRO, Egypt– Dressed in army fatigues with a tag name “President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,” the Egyptian President visited North Sinai on Saturday, boosting Egyptian troops morale. It was a surprise and discreet visit by President Sisi, two days after Islamic State affiliate Sinai Province killed 17 Egyptian military members in simultaneous attacks at 5 military checkpoints in Northern Sinai.