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PM May in USA: Prez Sez Brexit ‘Will Be a Fantastic Thing’

US President Donald J. Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May have reaffirmed their commitment to the special relationship between their two countries, with the new President telling the White House press conference that “Brexit is going to be a wonderful


EU Leaders Slap Down Britain Over U.S. Trade Talks

European Union leaders have reacted angrily to the news that Britain wants to strike a brisk trade deal with the U.S., reminding Britain that no official deal can be done while she remains within the EU.


May Vows To Seek Ambitious Brexit Deal And To Work With Trump

LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday she will announce details of Britain’s European Union exit plans in the next few weeks, and denied a former diplomat’s claim that the government is “muddled” about Brexit. In her first interview


12 Reasons Why Obama is No ‘Friend’ of Britain

President Obama is flying to Britain to persuade her people that their best interests lie in remaining shackled to the rotting corpse of the European Union. According to one of his foreign policy advisors, he is doing this because he