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Hayward: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and the Golden Age of Mega-Storytelling

“Avengers: Endgame” made over a billion dollars worldwide in its first weekend, shattering just about every record the Hollywood publicity machine bothers to keep. That’s because Endgame is more than just Part 2 of a single story, but the culmination of a 22-film series (plus a few short films and loosely-connected TV shows) that racked up almost $20 billion in combined ticket sales.

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‘Star Trek’ Returning to TV

Star Trek returns to television in January 2017, just after the 50th anniversary of its original debut.


Canadian Trekkies Alter Currency to Honor Spock

Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy’s passing last week prompted Canadians to pay tribute to the late actor by marking up the image of the country’s former Prime Minister, Wilfrid Laurier, on the Canadian $5 bill with the “Vulcan” features of Nimoy’s TV character, Dr. Spock.

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Generation Spock: A Farewell to Leonard Nimoy

The passing of an aging celebrity is always a melancholy milestone for fans of a certain age, but the loss of Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy hits harder than most.


Obama Releases Statement on the Passing of Leonard Nimoy

President Obama released a statement in remembrance of famed Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy Friday, wherein he praised the actor for his contributions to art and science, as well as his inclusive vision of “humanity’s future.”

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