Tax Credits

Marco Rubio Proposes Refundable Tax Credits to Replace ObamaCare

What Rubio outlines in his new op-ed is an ObamaCare repeal program quite similar to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s new plan. (Or, since Rubio’s repeating six-month-old talking points, perhaps you could say Walker is following in Rubio’s footsteps. One suspects the gentlemen from Wisconsin and Florida will discuss the matter at their earliest debate opportunity.)

Molly Riley/AP

Scott Walker Releases ObamaCare Repeal-and-Replace Plan

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has unveiled his “Day One Patient Freedom Plan,” a replacement for ObamaCare, which he says he would repeal in its entirety. The centerpiece of Walker’s plan is to restore market competition without entirely removing subsidies for health insurance coverage.

The Associated Press

CA Offers More Money to Keep Film/TV in State

On Thursday, The California Film Commission Board of Directors accepted California’s new tax credit program. The state of California, desperate to keep fleeing TV and film productions from leaving the state, tripled its annual budget for film/TV credits last summer, and now that the Film Commission has approved, will send the measure to the governor’s Office of Administrative Law for review and final approval.

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