Fatah Students: Blood Of Martyrs Will Build ‘Palestine’

JERUSALEM – The student movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party promotes the notion that the “blood of martyrs” will eventually lead to the creation of Palestine, erasing Israel in the process.


Tulane Advances ‘Gender Pronoun’ Rule, Blames Trump

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Tulane University’s student government is requesting that students and professors add their preferred gender pronoun at the end of emails and during conversations on campus.

Remake Pronouns 101

UK University Offers Free Degrees For Migrants

Bristol University has unveiled a range of scholarships for what they identify as “refugees and asylum seekers”, allowing them to attend the Russell Group institution for free. The announcement comes as a record number of pupils across British VI forms and

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China Threatens to Bar Churchgoing Youth from University

In its latest attack on thriving Christian churches, China’s Communist party has issued an ultimatum to parents that if children do not stop attending church, they will be barred from attending college or entering the military.

This photo taken on April 29, 2016 shows Chinese students having a laugh as they attend a course taught by Xie Shu (not pictured), a teacher at Tianjin University in the northeastern Chinese city of Tianjin. Xie's Theory and Practice of Romantic Relations course at Tianjin University includes lectures on …

Oxford University Special Snowflakes: These Essays Are Killing Us

Special snowflake undergraduates at Oxford University are campaigning to have their workload reduced. Some of them have to write as many as three essays a week. And this, apparently, is too much. Cat Jones, of the Oxford University Student Union, told the

Oxford University

UCLA Shooter Entered U.S. on Foreign Student Visa In 2001

UCLA shooting suspect Mainak Sarkar came to the United States on a foreign student visa in 2001 after graduating from a prestigious Indian technology university and was granted permanent legal status in the U.S. in 2014.

Mainak Sarkar (Facebook via KTLA)

Hackers Flood University Printers With Anti-Semitic Messages

Hackers have forced printers in several German Universities to print anti-Semitic posters and messages. Multiple German universities including the University of Hamburg had their printers hacked on Wednesday. The individuals who apparently perpetrated the attack found gaps in the security of the


San Bernardino Killer’s Family Had Radical Connections

Tashfeen Malik, 29, the female jihadi who helped kill 14 Americans in the San Bernardino massacre, comes from a family tied to Islamist militants, and allegedly evolved into a terrorist after attending college in Pakistan.

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CU-Boulder Anti-Racism Rally Canceled Because Organizers Are White

An anti-racism rally planned at the University of Colorado, Boulder, to show solidarity with University of Missouri black activists was cancelled because the protest organizers are white. However, a check of one of the event planner’s Facebook page reveals that isn’t the case.

AP Photo/Brennan Linsley

Trigger Warning: Pablum Puking Pajama Boys Should Shut the Bleep Up

I am so fed up with all this BS. Who do you pajama boys and womyn’s studies majors and queer-theory professors think you’re kidding? It was a bad joke back in 1969 when some fool wrote a book called “The Student As Nigger,” and it’s even more preposterous now when a bunch of Ivy League pukes in New Haven have the gall to describe themselves as “marginalized students.” Shut the bleep up.

Daniel Brenner/The Columbia Daily Tribune via AP

Scottish Universities Accuse the SNP of Threatening their Independence

The Scottish National Party is threatening to undermine the independence of Scotland’s universities, according to a group led by the University of St Andrews. The universities claim their academic independence it under threat because the SNP wants to “bring politicians

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UK University Free Speech Rating Launched, 80% Fail

Eighty percent of UK Universities have failed to offer their students a free speech environment, according to a new rating system launched today. Spiked Magazine, which campaigns for Free Speech, asked senior academics with expertise in education to give every

AP Photo/Valentina Petrova