Report: Chinese Government Censors WeChat Users Living in America

In a recent article, the Washington Post has outlined how Chinese censors have tracked down Chinese nationals critical of the Communist government in the U.S. via the messaging service WeChat. The Chinese communist censors then employ a variety of schemes to shut down the users’ communication, some of which mirror the censorship of conservatives by the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe.

Counter-protesters hold up Chinese flags to oppose the protesters gathering in central Lon

Judge Blocks Order to Ban China’s WeChat

U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler blocked an order by the Trump administration on Sunday that would have banned Chinese-owned messaging application WeChat from the Google and Apple app stores. Judge Beeler said that the order presents First Amendment concerns for users of the platform.

Counter-protesters hold up Chinese flags to oppose the protesters gathering in central Lon

Report: China Made Epidemic Worse by Censoring Coronavirus News

A report published by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab on Tuesday charged the Chinese government with heavily censoring news and discussion of the coronavirus outbreak beginning at the end of December. The report noted that China’s broad censorship practices could “restrict vital communication related to disease information and prevention.”

BEIJING, CHINA - FEBRUARY 21: A Chinese man wears a protective mask as he crosses a footbr

VICE: China Is Hunting Down Coronavirus Critics Using the Internet

In a recent article, VICE News describes how Chinese authorities are cracking down on people that are critical of the communist country’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic. The tactics include sending messages that appear to be from users’ friends asking for their specific location and other details.

Chinese soldiers march with the national flag (C), flanked by the flags of the Communist P

Report: China Intercepting WeChat Messages from Both Domestic and Foreign Users

A report published by National Public Radio (NPR) on Thursday cited a considerable amount of evidence to demonstrate that Communist China is intercepting both domestic and foreign communications using the WeChat application, which is owned by China’s giant Tencent corporation. This would mean American users of WeChat are subject to surveillance by Chinese security services.

This illustration picture taken on July 24, 2019 in Paris shows the logo of the Chinese in

Chinese Censors Struggle to Block Social Media Salutes to Nobel Winner Liu Xiaobo

The Chinese government worked very hard to erase the existence of Nobel Prize-winning dissident Liu Xiaobo, making it a criminal offense merely to mention his name. Nevertheless, Chinese citizens are finding clever ways to dodge the Beijing Internet police, celebrating the life of the famed democracy activist and mourning his death in custody this week.

HONG KONG - JUNE 29: (CHINA OUT, SOUTH KOREA OUT) Pro-democracy protesters holds a sit-in

KFC Sues Chinese Companies for Saying Its Chickens Have 8 Legs

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s China division is striking back against rumors that it has genetically modified chickens to grow six wings and eight legs, filling a defamation suit against three Chinese companies as the Chinese government launches a campaign a to cleanse online “rumors, negativity and unruliness.”

KFC China (AFP / Getty)