Harmeet Dhillon: Conservatives Need to Use Legal System to Defend Civil Rights

Harmeet Dhillon podium (Alex Wong / Getty)
Alex Wong / Getty

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon argued during a Breitbart News Sunday appearance on SiriusXM that conservatives need to use the legal system to defend their civil rights.

During an interview on Breitbart News Sunday with host Amanda House, attorney Harmeet Dhillon argued that conservatives ought to use the legal system to defend their civil rights.

“If you are at a company and you are listening to a lecture where people are telling you that you’re bad, you’re flawed because you were born a particular way, that’s outrageous,” Dhillon said during her appearance. “It’s outrageous if you’re black, it’s outrageous if you’re white.”

In the same vein, Dhillon said that conservatives should hold the government’s feet to the fire when they fail to provide standard services to conservatives. For example, in some circumstances, police officers are not willing to prevent violence against citizens that attend conservative political events due to instructions from local officials with partisan motivations.

“People who go into the profession of being police officers have every intention to do the right thing and protect the citizens,” Dhillon added. “They didn’t go into the profession to wear riot gear and watch people get beat up. But they answer to the chief of police, which is often sometimes an elected position, as the mayor and the city council.”


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