Geraldo Rivera: 'Why Do You Need 30 Rounds in the Clip of Your Glock?'

Geraldo Rivera: 'Why Do You Need 30 Rounds in the Clip of Your Glock?'

On September 1, Breitbart News reported that Geraldo Rivera responded to the tragic death of Arizona gun instructor Charles Vacca by calling the Second Amendment “blind and stupid.” He also criticized the NRA and mocked “gun nuts” in “this gun crazy country.”

A look at other comments Rivera made in the past shows that this attack on the Second Amendment, the NRA, and “gun nuts,” is by no means an anomaly. 

For example, on May 27–just days after Elliot Rodger used a gun to shoot and kill three people in Santa Barbara–Rivera tweeted, “The Second Amendment, as defined by the NRA, is stupid.” 

The NRA sees the Second Amendment as a safeguard which our Founding Fathers put in place to protect an individual’s natural right to keep and bear arms.

Rivera also went on a gun control rant weeks after the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary. 

On January 11, 2013, he sat opposite Eric Bolling on Fox News and said he wanted “assault-style weapons … banned, except for gun clubs, law enforcement, and military.”

Mediaite posted a video of the comments, in which Rivera blurred the lines between semi-automatic rifles and machine guns and then jumped to a ban on handgun magazines. He said, “Why do you need 30 rounds in the clip of your Glock? In the clip of your 9mm? Why do you need 30 rounds? What are you going to do with 30 rounds in your pistol?”

The video also showed Rivera mocking people who stocked up on ammunition and .223 Bushmasters when Democrats were pushing gun control, including an “assault-weapons” ban. He asked, “How can you not trust your government? What’s going to happen? Black helicopters are going to come and they’re going to kick down your door?”

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