Hannity: Shut Down Mueller’s Special Counsel Probe

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” during his “Opening Monologue” segment, host Sean Hannity on two occasions called for the special counsel probe headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be shut down.

First, Hannity called into question the relationship between former FBI Director James Comey, who Hannity suggested was biased against Trump, and Mueller, which he described as a conflict of interest.

“[J]ames Comey’s relationship with the special counsel Robert Mueller is a massive conflict of interest,” he said. “It’s why it is time to shut down this political witch hunt that is really aimed at stopping the president, delegitimizing him, and hopefully in the minds of some making sure he gets thrown out of office. It’s that serious.”

Later, Mueller pointed to the lawyers Mueller has hired to be on his staff, some of which had made campaign contributions to Democrats.

“[T]his is beyond now ridiculous and another reason why this special counsel Mueller needs to be shut down immediately, on top of the fact we know there’s no collusion,” Hannity added. “You the American people should be outraged tonight that your hard-earned tax dollars are funding this political witch hunt.”

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