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Peter King Warns Hillary Clinton He Might Run for President

Representative Peter King (R-NY) revealed in a Friday interview that he is looking at the possibility of running for the GOP nomination for president in 2016. He also said he warned Hillary Clinton that she better "get ready" for a hard 2016 campaign. May 17, 2014 8:57 AM PT

Bloomberg: GOP Shouldn't Attack Harry Reid Because No One Knows Who He Is

For years now Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid (NV) has been lambasting the GOP and its supporters in attacks both fanciful and vitriolic, but now Bloomberg is scolding Republicans for at last making Harry Reid himself a target as the 2014 midterm elections near. May 16, 2014 5:39 PM PT

Trust in Government Down With Republicans, Too

Over the last year, polls have emerged showing that Americans--and the Millennial generation in particular--have lost their trust in government. This month a new poll of Republicans shows a continuation of that trend. May 16, 2014 8:32 AM PT

Liberals Raising Funds off Conservatives Raising Funds Off Benghazi

Not long ago liberals were attacking conservatives for sending fundraising letters about the failures of the Obama administration that led to the terror attacks that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. But now liberals are fundraising off the fact that conservatives are fundraising off Benghazi. May 15, 2014 4:19 PM PT

NYT's First Female Executive Editor Fired in Part for Investigating Paper's CEO?

On May 14, Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor of The New York Times, was suddenly fired by the paper. A myriad of explanations have been offered for her ouster, but an intriguing one flying under the radar is the ire she reportedly raised by launching an investigation into charges that the paper's CEO, Mark Thompson, had a role in a sex scandal that embroiled the BBC, as Breitbart News previously reported. May 15, 2014 3:44 PM PT

NBPA Walks Back Sterling Boycott Statements

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) is walking back hints by its Vice President that NBA players could boycott the league if it does not do something definitive about Clippers owner Donald Sterling. May 15, 2014 3:23 PM PT

Rush Limbaugh Wins Children's Author of the Year Award

Despite a controversy that erupted over the decision by the Children’s Book Council to put Rush Limbaugh in contention for its children's book author of the year award, the radio talker did, indeed, win that honor during the group's May 14 award ceremony. May 15, 2014 11:52 AM PT

Six Arrested After Race-Based Brawl in Suburban Chicago High School

A high school in a western suburb of Chicago erupted in an hours-long brawl between Hispanic and black students that spanned two floors of the school, hurt several, and put the school on lockdown for half the day. The fight ended in six arrests. May 15, 2014 8:20 AM PT

Marco Rubio: 'Of Course the Climate is Changing'

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) revisited the subject of global warming, assuring the media that he does believe that climate is changing. But, he says, he doubts there is anything we can do about it. May 14, 2014 6:09 AM PT


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