Sonnie Johnson

Sonnie Johnson

Always on Content of Character, Never On Color of Skin

I really ticked off some of my Black conservative friends after my appearance on Hannity Friday night.  We love to sit around and develop messages on how to sell Capitalism and Free Markets to the black community. One of our

Black Teens Shoot Baby in the Head, Mother Helps Hide the Gun

In response to Black Teens Shoot Baby in the Head, Mother in Leg During Robbery: And Black Democrat James Henry Brooks Sr. was arrested for obstructing law enforcement when they tried to question suspects. I guess Hillary Clinton was right….It’s takes

The Exodus of Planned Parenthood

The story of Exodus in The Bible starts with Pharoah killing all the baby sons of the Jewish people. Pharoah justified the slaughter because the Jews were growing to quickly in numbers.  Moses was the one exception and his life led to the

The Race Card Wins Because Conservatives Play the Game

In response to To Ta-Nehisi Coates, Dr. Carson is Just Another Sambo Doll:  When Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast he didn’t play with the race card.  He used biblical principles, common sense and a lack of

Who Owns the Ghetto? Hint: NOT YOU!

Spending time with my family this weekend I learned a very important lesson; Black people own the ghetto.  It’s ours; handed down by government and we are given dominion over it. I only had two questions: What is your worth if

Who Owns the Ghetto? Hint: NOT YOU!

KIRP Radio: Jay Z and MORE Hip Hop Hypocrisy

Last Sunday I made an appearance on my favorite talk radio show KIRP Radio. I was looking for a small section to share with you but the whole episode has more black outreach than the Republican Party can buy. SHOUT

Beyonce and the Rise of TRUE Feminism

While Conservatives are fighting over whether or not social issues should be included in our platform, Hip Hop is having a social battle in front of our eyes.  The war; Beyonce as the “Independent Woman” and Beyonce as “Mrs. Carter”.

Beyonce and the Rise of TRUE Feminism

Beyonce: Understanding Hip Hop Culture and Politics

In the 80’s Liberals pushed the single parent home.  So in the 90’s, there were more single parent homes, a majority of which were in the black community.  And a vast majority of those black single MOTHERS were on government

Beyonce: Understanding Hip Hop Culture and Politics

Beyonce Monday: Bow Down 99%

Beyonce is out with new music, Bow Down.   WOW! Get ’em B! Let me explain. A conservative message is always about the language. Beyonce took some time off to start a family with her husband, Jay-Z.  How beautiful!  In her

Is Dr. Ben Carson the Next Sarah Palin or Herman Cain?

In response to Dr. Ben Carson is the GOP’s New Uncle Tom?: Giving Toure the benefit of added conversation irks me… So the real question I have, is Ben Carson going to stand up to the scrutiny and bounce back

Illegal Gun Carriers in Chicago

In response to While Karl Marx is UNKNOWN in Chicago…the Violence Will Continue: Dr. Peter St. Jean posted an article on entitled: [ENOUGH] Guns and Murders in Chicago. It’s an interesting look into why there are so many illegal

Six Questions for a Black Revolutionary

 According to my Black Revolutionary “associates”, I’m standing on the wrong side of history.  I would be a great voice to help bring in the new revolution. OK. I’ll sign up.  But I have 6 questions first: When is the

Capitalism on RNC's 'Autopsy' Table

In response to If blacks don’t reward GOP for civil rights, why would Latinos reward GOP for amnesty?: I’m not bashing RNC for “autopsy” report.  I’ve come to expect them to react and not lead.  Fool me once….type of deal.

Please Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

Usually, I ignore the hate.  Growing up, we learned “sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, at a very young age.  (Flashback) Plus, if you have the time to think and write about me,

Andrew Breitbart Returns to CPAC2013

Many stories have been written about how Breitbart ROCKED CPAC.  I want to shout out everyone but post here are supposed to be short and there’s a lot to be said.  But, you know who you are. My personal mission

Jay Z: A Product of Reaganomics

Yeah, yeah, I know.  Jay-Z called himself a product of Reaganomics because of the drug trade in the black community. (That’s a discussion for another day.) This is why I call Jay-Z a product of Reaganomics: Why do most blacks

A Return to CPAC: Remembering Andrew Breitbart

The day I was invited to emcee for CPAC, I was also trying to write a tribute to Andrew.  I had the basic pieces already written but I couldn’t find a way to end it.  As I sat and thought

Chicago Claims Another Young Life: R.I.P. Jonylah Watkins

Six month old Jonylah Watkins shot and killed while her father was changing her diaper in the front seat of his car.  He was a gang member and the shooter was seeking revenge for a previous murder.  The father lived….

Chicago Claims Another Young Life: R.I.P. Jonylah Watkins

T.I., Hip Hop Hypocrisy, and Gun Control

In 2007, on the night of the BET Awards, T.I. was arrested for gun possession.  You can read more about the incident here. The point never discussed is Hip Hop’s reaction to T.I.’s arrest.  Most of the fans said he

T.I. & Tiny: Reality Feminist Don't Want You to See

When you have the King of the ATL with a ball and chain of a wife, it can’t make for an interesting reality show.  I mean, there’s no fighting, cussing, yelling, screaming, arguing, or arrest–wait a minute, strike that last

T.I. & Tiny: Reality Feminist Don't Want You to See

T.I. Tuesday: An Act of Kindness

With CPAC2013 just around the corner, I find myself disappearing into God and Hip Hop.  I love being me, lol. My sister sends me this post on Facebook: After Being Raped & Abused By The Father Of Her Children Ms.Gloria

T.I. Tuesday: An Act of Kindness

WHWD: Not Interested in Saving the Black Community

In response to I (We) are the “blacks” that can fix the black community: I always judge every issuse by WHWD. What He, Hip Hop, Hood, and History would do…Let me take you through my process. He:  Nannie Helen Burroughs

Paul, Ryan, Rubio, and Jeb Bush 2016 Oh My!

It would be cliche to say Washington can never get anything done because we are in constant campaign mode.  Both parties begin thinking about the next election the moment the last vote is counted; maybe before. We can speculate on

Top Five Smartest Decisions

In response to Jedediah Bila’s Top Five Smartest Decisions: Better late than never… At age 16, turning down the opportunity to move with my super Progressive aunt in New York City At age 20, deciding to leave Richmond Va, all