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Ted Cruz Sweeps Colorado

Ted Cruz wrapped up the remaining 13 Colorado delegates on Saturday at the state Republican Party convention, winning every pledged Republican delegate from Colorado to the Republican National Convention.

Name Order on Ballots, It Matters

The primary election is on Tuesday in Texas and a researcher at Sam Houston State University says that ballot order can make a big difference for some candidates.

Ami Bera (Associated Press)

Democrats May Rebuke Rep. Ami Bera in 2016

Democrats may choose not to back Rep. Ami Bera for re-election to the seat he snatched from Republican Dan Lungren in 2012 despite support from former President Bill Clinton. On Tuesday night the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club voted to

Voters Toss Out City Council Members for Removing Veterans Memorial

On November 2, the city council in a small Iowa town voted to remove a temporary memorial to fallen soldiers from a city park. The memorial was removed because an outside atheist group complained to the city that the memorial featured a Christian cross. Only a day after the council voted to remove the memorial, the town voted to remove the council members.

Turkey's vote

From AKP To HDP: The Main Parties In Turkey’s Vote

(AFP) – More than 54 million Turks are eligible to cast their votes in a snap election Sunday called following an inconclusive vote in June. After a deadly bombing in Ankara and a resurgence in the Kurdish conflict, opinion polls


Hillary Clinton Staffers Drove ‘Ordinary Americans’ to Photo Op

As reporters literally ran to Hillary Clinton’s “Mystery Van’” campaign stops in Iowa on her first day of campaigning, what many did not report was that the “ordinary Americans” with whom she met for purportedly spontaneous discussions were actually plants. The meetings were scripted, pre-arranged affairs filled with people transported to the events by Hillary staffers.