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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to Step Down in April

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will step down from his position at the company within the next month. This decision comes after the company’s pledge to hire 10,000 refugees to protest President Trump’s temporary travel halt. The Daily Mail reports that Howard

Howard Schultz

Warren: Selective Rage of Yuppie Coffee

Today the world is experiencing “the largest migration of displaced people in the history of the world.” How big of a forced migration? The number is approximately 65 million. A sickening commentary when one thinks back to the horrors of WWII.

Chicago Woman Suing Starbucks Over Too Much Ice

Per a WGNTV report, a Chicago woman has decided to sue coffee chain Starbucks for five million dollars over too much ice in its cold beverages. The suit, filed by Stacy Pincus, states that Starbucks only reaches its advertised fluid ounce by


5 Businesses That Rejected Moms Demand Action’s Gun Ban Campaign

Following news that Greensboro, North Carolina-based The Fresh Market caved to Moms Demand Action and will no longer serve armed law-abiding citizens, Breitbart News thought it timely to provide a list of businesses that refuse submit to the campaign to disarm law-abiding citizens.


At Least Seven Dead in Jakarta Terrorist Explosions, Shooting

Suicide attackers struck the Indonesian capital Thursday, with a series of explosions and gunfire that tore through a Starbucks cafe and shook an embassy district in the Muslim-majority nation. At least seven people were known to have died — including

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DAVI: To Defeat Radical Islam, the West Must Stand for Symbols of Tradition

As every Christmas season approaches, I wait for what new scheme secularists come up with to test the waters in their deliberate and incremental eradicating of Christmas in our country. This has been going on for years, like a creeping fog that slowly roles in during dead of night so that when you wake there is no trace of the most Joyous holiday to mankind.