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Tag: Texas

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Texas Illegal Alien Death Penalty Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear another death row case from the Texas County that ranks number one in the nation for sending defendants to the death chamber. The Honduran national urges he should have been given resources to develop his claim of mental illness and drug addiction and prosecutors should not have considered his status as an illegal alien.

Watch: Wounded Veteran Gifted with Service Dog at Dallas Hockey Game

Those attending the Dallas Stars hockey game on Monday night got a huge surprise when a former Navy SEAL repelled himself and a service dog down from the top of the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The Stars were honoring war veterans and “Patty”, the German Shepherd, was a gift for a wounded veteran.

Buc-ee’s Bucking ‘Buck’s’ Out of Texas

Buc-ee’s, the iconic Lone Star State chain of roadside rest stops known for its mega-convenience stores, endless rows of gas station pumps, squeaky clean bathrooms, signature “beaver” mascot, and fabulous food, filed a lawsuit to stop an out-of-state contender with the same sounding name from honing in on the Texas chain’s turf.

Texas Congressional Map Discriminates Against Hispanics, Federal Judges Say

Two federal judges have released an opinion that accuses Lone Star State legislators of drawing a congressional map in a “rushed and secretive process” that intended to discriminate against Hispanic and Democrat voters. The only problem says the dissenting jurist–the panel could not legally issue the decision because the Fifth Circuit made clear that after Texas repealed the 2011 plan, “the case became moot and eliminated the district’s jurisdiction.”


Texas Democrat Proposes Law to Fine Men for Masturbation

A Texas state legislator has introduced a bill to fine men for masturbating and require them to undergo counseling before being allowed to obtain a prescription for Viagra or receive other health services. The bill is purportedly in response to laws restricting abortion.