***Live Updates*** Super Tuesday Results

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Fourteen states and one territory (Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia) will hold Super Tuesday primaries today.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern. First polls close at 7 PM ET.

  • Virginia (99 delegates): Biden projected to win.
  • Vermont (16): Sanders projected to win.
  • North Carolina (110): Biden projected to win.
  • American Samoa (6): Bloomberg projected to win.
  • Alabama (52): Biden projected to win.
  • Colorado (67): Sanders projected to win.
  • Tennessee (64): Biden projected to win.
  • Oklahoma (37): Biden projected to win.
  • Arkansas (31): Biden projected to win.
  • Minnesota (75): Biden projected to win.
  • Massachusetts (91): Biden projected to win.
  • Utah (29): Sanders projected to win.
  • California (415): Sanders projected to win.
  • Texas (228): Biden projected to win.

2:05 AM: California:

2:00 AM: Texas:

1:43 AM: Biden projected to win Texas:

1:26 AM: Van Jones:


1:25 AM: Some Texas/Maine projections coming in for Biden:

1:23 AM: Dems are going to put pressure on Bloomberg to combat voter suppression and pay fees for felons in Florida so they can vote.

1:20 AM:

12:30 AM: Biden opening up leads in Maine and Texas.

12:05 AM: California:

12:02 AM: Biden now with a very slim lead.

11:57 PM: Latino voters keeping Sanders in it on Super Tuesday:

11:50 PM: Still close in Texas:

11:05 PM: California immediately called for Sanders:

11:00 PM: Polls now closed in California.

10:55 PM: Alabama:

10:51 PM: Biden takes Massachusetts. The upset of the night. Bookmakers gave Biden a 5% chance of winning the state.

Sanders projected to win Utah:

10:35 PM: Anti-dairy protesters:

10:22 PM: Biden, in California, says “it’s a good night.” He promptly mistakes his wife for his sister. “They don’t call Super Tuesday for nothing,” he says. Biden says he’s here to report that “we are very much alive.” He says his campaign is “taking off” and “will send Donald Trump packing.”

Biden still can’t deliver a tight stump speech. Just doesn’t seem like he’s been there before. He’s just screaming.

And his team somehow let protesters crash his Super Tuesday speech after the same anti-dairy group disrupted Warren’s event. Not a good sign.

10:19 PM: One Massachusetts projection for Biden:

10:11 PM: Sanders saying he voted agains the Iraq War and opposed Social Security cuts. He says “another candidate” (Biden) voted for the War and supported cuts on the Senate floor. He says “another candidate” also voted for “disastrous trade agreements.” Sanders says “another candidate” voted for the “disastrous” Bankruptcy Bill that the credit card companies wanted.

10:06 PM: Sanders, speaking at his Vermont Super Tuesday party, says, “with absolute confidence,” that ” we are going to win the Democratic nomination.” He says what makes his movement unique is he is taking on the “corporate establishment” and the “greed of Wall Street and the greed of the drug companies… and the greed of the insurance companies.”

10 PM: Polls closed in Utah. Polls in California open for another hour.

9:53 PM: Arkansas, Minnesota called for Biden.

9:35 PM: Bloomberg campaign waiting for all of the “data” to come in before deciding if “there’s a reason to continue.”

9:30 PM: Full house for Sanders’ Super Tuesday party:

9:20 PM: Strong turnout in Virginia:

9:15 PM: Biden projected to win Tennessee, Oklahoma:

9:00 PM: All polls closed in Texas, Minnesota, Colorado.

Sanders projected to win Colorado.

8:48 PM: Vermont:

8:46 PM: All polls in Texas will be closed at the top of the hour:

8:45 PM:

8:35 PM: Bloomberg thinks he’s a “contender.”

8:32 PM: Looks like Bloomberg will not be viable in Virginia, the state where he launched his campaign:

8:30 PM: Polls closed in Arkansas.

8:00 PM: Most polls closed in Alabama, Oklahoma, Maine, and Tennessee.

Biden projected to win Alabama.

7:45 PM: Bloomberg projected to win American Samoa:


Will Gabbard qualify for the next debate?

7:40 PM: Trump mocking “Mini Mike.” Bloomberg looks like he’s trying to eat a “W” like Jameis Winston before Super Tuesday. American Samoa looks like the only “W.”

7:30 PM: Polls closed in North Carolina. Biden immediately projected to win North Carolina.

7:29 PM: Bloomberg could win American Samoa:

7:25 PM: Warren winless so far:

7:15 PM: Key freshman House Dem endorses Biden:

7:10 PM: Black Dems in Virginia overwhelmingly voted for Biden:

7:05 PM: Bad numbers for Bloomberg:

7:00 PM: Polls now closed in Vermont and Virginia. Results should be coming in soon. Biden projected to win Virginia. Sanders projected to win Vermont.

6:58 PM: Sanders campaign has been the only one with a consistent message:

6:42 PM: Dems very angry at Trump. Anger motivates people to vote.

6:39 PM: Hillary still speaking out against Bernie:

6:30 PM: Polls close in Virginia and Vermont at the top of the hour. Polls close in North Carolina at 7:30 PM.



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