John Ridley

Steele Gets Funky For The RNC

Freshly minted Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele gave an interview to the Washington Times in which he detailed his plans for making the GOP relevant again. Says Steele: We need messengers to really capture that region – young, Hispanic,

The Republican Bipartisan Myth

Shangri-la and Brigadoon and Bipartisan. Three mythical places. One of which few Republicans have seemingly ever heard. Because if there is one thing we can take from the first weeks of the “New” Washington, it’s that the (liberal) Democrats are

The Bushies' Crazy Ex Syndrome

Usually when a president leaves office he and his administration have the good graces to go off somewhere and quietly wait for history to pass judgment on their legacy. Not so with the Bushies. Having thoroughly bankrupted every aspect of

PC Whiners Aside, Downey Jr. Deserves His Oscar Nod

On the heels of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announcing the nominees for their 81st shindig, there were the usual nontroversies over who was named and who was ignored. Among all that, Hollywood trade paper Variety noted

My Obligatory Inauguration Obama-is-Great Post (And Why He is)

Considering all the price gouging going on with hotel rooms in DC, Obama’s inauguration is apparently history in the making. But as we observe this epic, monumental, never-been-done-before achievement, what exactly are we celebrating? If Toni Morrison is to be

Me? A Neocon? Really?

I find in life the compass of one’s politics are often arbitrarily set by the poles of the person you happen to be communicating with. When I write for the Huffington Post I’m often considered the resident Righty. When I