Sonnie Johnson

Sonnie Johnson

It's Not Climate Change. It's Population Control

If only Liberals would tell the truth about climate control… Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins pinned an article on describing the effects of climate control on the black community. Today one of the best ways we can advance the gains of the civil

How BET Destroyed "The Game"

Originally created and directed by Kelsey Grammer, “The Game” used to be one of my favorite shows.  It was the only sitcom, to my knowledge, that had three right leaning black leads. Malik is the Libertarian; a “Do You” attitude and

Guilty of Video Game Sin

In response to Video game sin tax? Where’s the sin?: As an avid gamer, I’ve been sinning since I first chased Pac-Man around the square board.  What’s really missing in the discussion on video games are the lessons taught in

It's Serfdom, Not Slavery

It kills me when I hear the black communtiy refered to as a plantation.  It gives liberals an excuse to reject your argument as ‘far right’ and the black community to feel insulted, fairly or not. My main problem with

S.S.S.A. Indoctrination

I can sum up American history, at least the version I was taught, in four words: slavery, socialism, segregation, and assasination. Slavery: You are black and you were a slave.  The white man beat, raped, and tore apart the very

How to Fight Democrats on Sequestration

“Scare”stration hits America, President Obama sets out once again to destroy the Right, and Republicans enter with this message: It was all Obama’s idea. AND THEY WONDER WHY THEY CAN’T WIN A FIGHT! Let me be a momentary pundit… Sequestration was

Homeless Brooklyn Man Sues Democrats for Victimization

Okay, that’s not the real headline but it should be.  A 32 year old Brooklyn waste of space, energy, and effort decided to sue his parents for $200,000 because they didn’t love him enough. At first I laughed.  Then I

Get Up! Get Out! And Get Big Boi!

In response to Hearing From Romney Will Be Good, But Big Boi Would Be Better: The main difference between Big Boi and Mitt Romney is Big Boi isn’t ashamed or scared to admit that he is rich.  This adminstration, the

Now I Can Tell My Favorite Race Jokes?

Ha Ha Ha…An MSNBC panel wants us to tell our favorite race jokes. How about this one? How do you hide something from a black person?  Put it in a book. One of my favorites is from Obama pet Chris

An Entire Day Looking For Bill Cosby's Social Justice

I loved The Cosby Show growing up.   They were the perfect family, growing up in a perfect house with an uncanny ability to perfectly solve any problem. Everyone wanted to be a Huxtable. No one, however, mentions the Social Justice

Now Introducing the 0%

There are ten members of my family that still talk to me about politics. I usually don’t give them my opinion.  I just sit and listen to their justifications of Obama’s Presidency.  It helps me form my arguments. So this morning I

Dating a Conservative on Valentine's Day

CAUTION: These tips DO NOT work with Liberal Women. 1. If you love sending your Valentine sweet texts and calling her three times a day, PAY HER PHONE BILL (for a couple of months, if possible). 2. If you love how your

Prominent Black Leadership (Left and Right) and Illegal Immigration

On of my favorite blogs offered this tweet a few days ago: Why are illegal aliens more important to @CondoleezzaRice than the black USA citizens disproportionately affected by the law breakers? I have a very strong opinion on the subject

#TellAFeministThankYou for Rhianna and Chris Brown

Rhianna and Chris Brown show up at the Liberal puke awards, aka The Grammys, arm in arm and everyone hates on Chris Brown. Why Feminist? Don’t you teach women they are equal to men, in every way?  Why is a

A Message for Christopher Dorner Supporters

I bet you voted for Obama, didn’t you?  I bet when he said the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly, you cheered.  I bet when Eric Holder dropped the charges on the Black Panthers, you laughed all the way to your imaginary

Completely Devoid of Black Power

In response to The Black Community’s Dichotomy on Gun Violence: Black outreach is impossible because we refuse to see the black community for what it is.  We always claim Liberals live in a fantasy world but never look through our own

Chris Rock Who's Your Daddy?

  There are so many things wrong with this.  Where do I start? FIRST, BARACK OBAMA IS NOT OUR BOSS!  Sorry for shouting but every time I hear this clip I can’t help myself.   Let me ask you this Chris, when

The Importance of the 1st of the Month Historically

I highly suggest Frederick Douglass’ My Bondage and My Freedom. Douglass explains how the overseer of the plantation would pick a trust worthy and obedient slave to trek to Master’s house around the first of the month to pick up

The 1st of the Month: Hip Hop Speaks

I’m tired of Liberals telling me if we cut social welfare programs we are taking money out of the mouth of babies,  implying you hate blacks because they are the ones that can’t afford to feed their own children. I’ll

How Dana Perino Saved My Daughter

My daughter gets off the bus.  “Mom, guess what?  I schooled my teacher today.” Me: “What did you do?” “We were talking about Ancient Mali and I told her they made money from salt, gold, and slavery.” Me: “Okay.” When

O'Reilly God Complex isn't Neccesarily Wrong

In response to O’Reilly Wrong to Blame Schools for ‘Culture of Disrespect’ : I can agree on the basis of your argument.  The breakdown of the family is a major cause for disrespect in our country today.  But it’s only

Jesse Jackson Begs Obama to Give a Damn about Chicago

Why the harsh title? 1.  This is the man that said he wanted to cut off Obama’s man parts. 2. Do you really believe he’s a Reverend? 3. This is the man that said being the Foodstamp President was a

Remember When We Could Call People Crazy

Growing up, Crazy was Crazy! There was this lady that watered her plants every morning, only she had no plants.  Drug addicts that walk around talking to themselves.  A family friend who never cleans up after her pets, yet Grandma

Karl Rove VS Tea Party: Is Colin Powell Starting to Make More Sense?

When Republicans want to reach back in history to prove a point, they point to Ronald Reagan.  I can understand why.  Reagan was a great President but he wasn’t the only Republican President. Abraham Lincoln’s main priority was preserving the

Attached Disclaimer: Equal OPPORTUNITY Employer



Note from Employer We are looking for spirited INDIVIDUALS to help save us from ourselves.  Our company has been running up uncontrollable debt and deficits, we’ve promised our employees more than we could possibly afford, we punish our successful employees

For Andrew Breitbart and #TheConversation

Early Friday morning I logged on to #TheConversation to post some pretty hilarious conversation starters, if I do say so myself.  The very first post on the screen was a Happy Birthday wish to Andrew Breitbart from Joel Pollack. My mind wasn’t