Concern Trolling Christie's Health

CNN is very concerned about Chris Christie’s health. They asked a former White House doctor–one who has never met or examined Christie–to comment and she suggested he could drop dead in office. This led to a calm but firm “shut up” from the Governor.

In case you’ve forgotten, concern trolling a candidate’s health (or potential candidate in this case) is something the left has done before. In 2008, far left activist Robert Greenwald organized a group of several thousand doctors demanding Sen. John McCain release his medical records. They publicized their demand with a full page ad in the NY Times. Sen. Harry Reid also expressed concerned.

After issuing these demands, Greewald went further and produced an ad featuring doctors who suggest McCain might be hiding the extent of his skin cancer. Should he be elected, the ad warns, he could die in office. Obviously that prediction proved unfounded. But this is precisely the kind of irresponsible left-wing attack Christie can expect to see in 2016 if he runs for President.