Rep. Markey on Citizens United and Dred Scott

I’m not a lawyer and I try not to play one on the internet, but Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) is definitely taking Citizens United hysteria too far:

He’s comparing Citizens United,  a case involving money donated to political campaigns (by both sides), to Dred Scott, a case in which a slave lost his suit for freedom on the grounds that it would deprive another man of his property. Isn’t that…what’s the word…extreme?

In case you somehow missed it, corporations were allowed to make
donations in line with Citizens United in 2012 and yet, somehow,
President Obama won re-election handily. That may not end the argument about the case, but it should have ended the nonsense that it spells the end of the Republic. Even progressive writer Kevin Drum agrees Citizens United was a “big fizzle.”