America Wants Deficit Reduction Through Spending Cuts, Not Taxes

In response to Obama Says 75% of the American People Agree With Him :

John H. nailed this earlier but we might as well grab the Pew chart which is the key to parsing the President’s statement. (h/t Jim Geraghty)

In the broadest sense, the President is correct when he says “75% of the people agree with me that the way to reduce our deficit sensibly is through a combination of spending cuts and tax revenue.” That’s true so far as it goes, but it omits the most important detail. Most of those people, 54% of the total (or 71% of the people Obama claims agree with him) want “mostly spending cuts.” Add in the people who want only spending cuts and you get 73% of the people who want mostly or only spending cuts.

We could argue over what ratio of cuts to revenues constitutes “mostly spending cuts.” Whatever it is, the 1:1 plan which the Democratic Senate and the President are pushing now obviously isn’t it.

You’d never know it but the President is fighting the will of the majority of people on this issue. Is there anyone in the major media who will point out that 73% of the people agree with the GOP? Why is that level of overwhelming public support only of interest to conservative blogs?