Free Elephant Tattoos

In response to Party Nightmares:

I don’t know if you’ve watched Ramsay’s show but the premise is that he intervenes in restaurants that are truly desperate, i.e. in every case they are at the point of closing their doors. Often the owners are tens of thousands of dollars in debt before he arrives, some have mortgaged their homes to keep the failing business in operation. I think it’s fair to say that without Ramsay’s help the rate of closure would be 100%.

The example I posted was about Decor but usually that’s just a minor point. Ramsay revamps the entire menu and often shuffles the kitchen staff. Sometimes a chef is fired or demoted. The changes definitely go beyond cosmetic in most cases.

Most of the episodes now include an epilogue where the producers return several months later to see how the business is doing. Frequently you find that the owners have abandoned the changes Ramsay made and brought back portions of their old, failed menu or returned to old patterns. In other words, the failures that do occur are sometimes the result of stubbornness on the part of owners.

Jumping back to politicis, I had one person tell me on Twitter that the 18 year olds who abandoned the GOP in 2012 will come around when they turn 30. I don’t think waiting until 2024 for people to change their minds is a good marketing strategy for the party. Free elephant tattoos is a better one.