Great Red Hope: Occupy as Seen from North Korea

While Occupy was alive in this country the media in this country mostly referred to it as a group of protesters concerned about inequality. Newspapers in Europe were less circumspect, referring to the group as “anti-capitalist” on a fairly routine basis.

This video which aired recently on North Korean TV offers another perspective on Occupy and similar protests by left-wing unions “Flames of popular protest promote the destruction of capitalism.”

You don’t need to speak Korean to get the gist of this clip. It’s really Communism 101, i.e. capitalism is immiserating the population and the inevitable revolution is coming.

The irony here is that the North Korean–which sees communist revolution as a good thing–gets closer to the truth about Occupy than most US news outlets did in 2011 and 2012. Something to keep in mind if Occupy ever manages to return.