DNCC Host Committee Claims Stolen iPhone Worth $30k, Blackberry Worth $54k

Last month the DNCC host committee made a police report about items it claims were lost or stolen during last year’s Democratic National Convention. The report assigns hugely inflated values to the stolen items to reach a grand total of more than $465,000.

ABC News published the police report which shows that the DNCC claimed there was an iPhone stolen last September with a value of $30,503. Other items on the list include a wireless keyboard valued at $1242 and a laptop battery worth $2,190.

These items are cheap compared to the HP Laptop valued at $40,887 or the Blackberry valued at $54,250. The very priciest item reported stolen was an Apple laptop valued at $75,537.

On the final page, the police report offers a “narrative” associated with the report. It reads “The Reporting Person advised sometime between September 06,2012 to September 14, 2012 several items were lost or missing from different Democratic National Convention Committee venues and office sites.” There is no explanation given for how these items could be valued at these astronomical prices.

The ABC News story about the police report does not suggest any explanation either, though it does note the prices are inflated. ABC News notes that the DNC refused to comment. One wonders whether this police report was used to justify an insurance claim.

Update 6/17: I received a call from the Mecklenburg PD public information officer this afternoon. She clarified that what appear to be individual items on the police report published by ABC are in fact categories of items. So, for instance, the host committee did not report the loss of one Blackberry worth $54, 250, it reported the loss of over 200 Blackberry’s worth that amount. For some reason the quantity of each item, which appears in the full police report, was not included in the public report released by the media. I contacted the Mecklenburg PD last Friday to get their take on the ABC report but their PIO was gone for the day and does not work on the weekends.