Fox's James Rosen Still Causing Trouble for the Obama Administration

Fox News reporter James Rosen continues to create problems for the Obama administration. His latest report suggests that two State Department employees may have perjured themselves during depositions conducted in February.

The depositions were conducted in relation to a lawsuit filed by former Diplomatic Security agent Rick Higbie. Higbie sued the department claiming he was demoted after he refused overseas assignments because his young daughter had a serious illness.

In the depositions both Scott Bultrowicz and Tracy H. Mahaffey claimed under oath that they
were unaware of investigations or criticisms of the department’s
Diplomatic Service. But Fox’s Rosen has uncovered meeting minutes that show both Bultrowicz and Mahaffey were present for the reading of an OIG draft report which was strongly critical of DS operations.

The subtext here is James Rosen once again creating trouble for the Obama administration and the administration in turn accusing him of getting it wrong. Asked about Rosen’s report, State Dept. spokesperson Jen Psaki had a prepared response in which she claimed the quotes Rosen took from the depositions were “out of context.”

The full video report is available here.